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Spring Session
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While our gym is closed we are still taking Spring Registration! Call or email us and we will contact you as we are checking voicemails and emails each day!  Classes will be prorated based on our ability to reopen following the direction of the CDC and Department of Health regarding the Covid-19 virus!

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Congratulations to our Level 4 JO girls for bringing
home a 4th place STATE Team award!

What Our Customers Think About Us...

Ms. Muller-Jones

Ms. Hendricks

Ms. Ragar

"Awesome!  Our daughter is a bit shy and takes time to warm-up.  After 1 class she was completely at ease.  She talks about both her coaches regularly and cannot wait for Saturday to come.  Both her coaches are terrific!"
"The staff at the front desk is always accommodating and pleasant to deal with.  Coach Steve is great at getting kids to try new things and make them feel comfortable."
"Angela LOVES her Baby Gymnastics class.  She's learning so mcuh and now that she just turned 2... she can't wait to go start her Parent & Might class!  So much learning and so much fun!  Angela loves showing off everything she learns in class!"

Audrey Brandmeier

Ms. Bensema

Yelp Review

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ultimate Gymnastics Gurnee!  I had a very bad experience today with a dance studio, and I am once again grateful for Utimate's highly professional business model.  I wish all athletic facilities copied them."
"I MISS Ultimate!!  So I will be back in November and driving 45min to come to a professional and AWESOME place.  Worth the money and the drive.  Thank you for being a great place that my daughter enjoys.... thank you."
"Don't take gymnastics anywhere else.  Seriously.  Don't even think about it.  Other gymnastics programs to "cutesy" things like parachute and dance time.  Ultimate Gymnastics is about having fun but also challenging your kid at the appropriate level.  My two boys absolutely love love love this program. (Did I mention that they love this program?). The coaches are wonderful.